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Rock and Jericho was always a brilliant combination. And that Rock Bottom looks absolutely sublime. Thinking about it,  since The Rock will be sticking around for a while I would not mind seeing another Rock/Jericho match at some point.

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WWE’s DVD Schedule 2013


Here is the complete list:

  • WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2012 (Jan 15)
  • Best of Raw & SmackDown 2012 (Jan 29)
  • The Best of Nitro Volume 2 (Feb 12)
  • Royal Rumble 2013 (Feb 26)
  • Bret Hart Unreleased Matches (Mar 5)
  • Elimination Chamber 2013 (Mar 19)
  • Mick Foley Biography (Apr 16)
  • The Best of In Your House (Apr 30)
  • WrestleMania 29 (May 14)
  • Top 25 Rivalries (May 28)
  • Extreme Rules 2013 (Jun 18)
  • Goldberg (Jun 25)
  • TBD PPV (Jul 16)
  • ECW Unreleased Vol. 2 (Jul 30)
  • Money In The Bank 2013 (Aug 13)
  • Best of MSG (Aug 27)
  • Best of War Games (Sep 10)
  • SummerSlam 2013 (Sep 17)
  • Top 20 Divas Countdown (Sep 24)
  • Triple H Biography (Oct 8)
  • Night of Champions 2013 (Oct 15)
  • Money In The Bank Anthology (Oct 29)
  • Over the Limit 2013 (Nov 5)
  • History of WWE (Nov 19)
  • Hell in a Cell 2013 (Nov 26)
  • Raw 20th Anniversary Box Set (Dec 3)
  • Survivor Series 2013 (Dec 24)
  • Best WWE PPV’s (Dec 31)

It should be noted that “all titles and release dates are subject to change”.

WWE Royal Rumble Review

Pre-Show: I missed this, but the main thing that happened was Antonio Cesaro retaining his US Title against The Miz. It’s great that he still is able to go over on the pre-show if it can’t fit onto the main card. I think there’ll be some great things for Cesaro post-wrestlemania.

Opening Match - Alberto Del Rio vs Big Show for the World Heavyweight Championship in a Last Man standing Match

This match was great. A little thing with Bret Hart talking to Del Rio and Rodriguez just before the match, it’s awesome how well ADR is over as a face with Rodriguez there as his lovable best bud. He got a pair of Bret Hart’s glasses too which was a funny moment. The match itself was great, some notable spots include a chokeslam off some hanging stage props through a table on the concrete. Del Rio took that shoulder and neck first like a boss and soldiered on. They broke the barricade too (if I’m not mistaken) which was awesome. Ending spot came when ADR got Big Show in the cross-arm breaker in the ring while Rodriguez taped Big Show’s feet to the bottom rope. The match was more than 15 minutes long so they gave it just the right amount of time for a serious, opening match. Good ending, finish isn’t new for a Last Man Standing match but it was perfectly fine here. 8/10

Team Hell No vs Team Rhodes Scholars for the WWE Tag Team Championships

This match wasn’t amazing but had some great small moments plus great mat wrestling. Not much to be said apart from the fact that all four guys were pretty good here (forgive me for not remembering every detail, it’s so late it’s early) and Hell No retained in confident fashion when Kane chokeslammed Sandow and Bryan got the No Lock on Cody for the submission victory. 7/10

30 Man Royal Rumble: The winner gets a guaranteed World Heavyweight Championship or WWE Championship shot at Wrestlemania XXIX

I was expecting this to be the main event but hey ho, The Rock is on the PPV so it makes sense his match comes last. Ziggler comes out as #1 and he cuts a small promo about how he doesn’t care who #2 is because the Rumble will end how it started— With Ziggler standing on his own in the ring. #2 was Chris Jericho. First mark out moment of the night! The Rumble was great to watch until around the last 10 or so entrants when it started dragging a bit, Ziggler lasted longest in the match. Goldust made a return and seeing him and Cody wrestle was pretty fun, especially when they’d double team anyone who got in the way of them fighting eachother. The Godfather also made a return with his ho’s escorting him to the ring. It took him a whole minute to walk out and disrobe himself, handing his items to the ladies by his side. He got in, lasted around 3 seconds and was eliminated. He didn’t look sad because he had his ho’s. The crowd loved it. There was no Shelton Benjamin or Carlito or any other major surprises in this Rumble but that didn’t detract from any enjoyment of it. Bo Dallas was in the Rumble, that was a thing. (Sorry I just don’t see what’s so great about him). Kofi Kingston had his annual Spiderman spot where he’s almost eliminated, he was pushed off the apron and when he got launched, he landed on Tensai wh chucked him onto the Spanish announce table. In the end, he had to borrow JBL’s chair and hop back to the ring. He barely lasted another ten seconds though as Cody Rhodes eliminated him with a Disaster Kick. (Rhodes had one of the best performances in the Rumble for sure). Cena came out at #19 and the rest of the main eventers came out towards the end as well with Ryback getting the #30 spot. In the end it was Ryback and Cena which ended when Ryback tried to run Cena out of the ring Oklahoma Slam-style, but Cena shimmied out and chucked him over. John Cena has won the Royal Rumble, surprise surprise. If I’d bet money on him like I was going to, I could be £7.63 richer. It seemed odd that the fight between Ryback and Cena wasn’t longer because they were the final two, but that’s because they’d need all the extra time they were allowed for the main event. 7.5/10

CM Punk vs The Rock for the WWE Championship - If The Shield  is seen to interfere, CM Punk will be stripped of the Title and it will be awarded to The Rock

This match was great. I’ve seen a few contrasting opinions, some saying Punk looked like he was working a bit stiff and others thinking he was too soft, some saying they liked it and others saying it was one of Punk’s worst matches. (This is the internet). Here’s my take for what it’s worth. It was the best match you were going to get that had The Rock in it and it was great. Great wrestling throughout, CM Punk didn’t lay up on his striking in elbows and kicks. There was a moment when Rock was going to Rock Bottom CM Punk through an announce table and it collapsed before they could do the move and it looked like Rock mangled his knee for a minute. They made up for this by just doing it on the floor outside the ring, nasty. Even more good stuff and then… The lights go out. I thought it was Undertaker at first, due to some rumours regarding a CM Punk vs Undertaker match at Wrestlemania. However Michael Cole kept screaming it was The Shield, and the only things we saw were from the flashes of cameras. In the almost pitch black, The Shield gave Rock their patented triple powerbomb through the other announce table, made their escape and the lights came back on. Cole was furious, Punk looked happy and Heyman looked incredibly smug sitting on the ringsteps. CM Punk rolled Rock back into the ring and pinned him for the three. That’s when Vince came out. He said that The Shield interfered and that he would have to exercise what he said he would do if he saw them interfere, even though it was pitch black he said he wasn’t stupid, because who else could it be? Rock got on the mic and said he didn’t want it to end like that, and wanted the match restarted. Vince agreed and the crowd goes crazy. Punk is attacking Rock in the corner, gets a flurry of moves followed by a Savage elbow and Rock kicks out. Long story short, Spinebuster-People’s Elbow and The Rock is your NEW WWE CHAMPION. The added drama at the end was great to end a reign as long as Punk’s and while I didn’t like the People’s Elbow finish at first, it made sense in a way the story was told. CM Punk wasn’t for the people and the people hated him, yet it was the People’s Elbow that ended his record breaking title reign. 8.5/10

Overall this PPV was great and I give it a solid 8/10. I think things can only get more exciting in the run to Wrestlemania. Elimination Chamber is the next PPV coming up and that’s always a good one too. We have a good time ahead of us as wrestling fans, even if you’re butthurt about CM Punk’s reign being ended by a movie star. We’re due some development with The Shield and Heyman/Punk’s relationship with them, the build for Twice in a Lifetime starts soon and Ziggler still has the briefcase. That’s all for now, if you want to share your thoughts or ask me something, leave it as a note on this post if possible or just put it in my ask box. 

What did you think of the Royal Rumble?

My review will come later but I did enjoy it.

More Indy Stars to get WWE Tryouts?

Source (PWSpotlight on Facebook)

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, The Briscoe Brothers (Mark and Jay), Ricky Reyes, Sami Callihan and Adam Cole are all due WWE tryout matches around the end of January.

- Is it true? No idea. But man is it interesting. Why can’t Samoa Joe get a tryout? Stone Cold is high as hell on Samoa Joe. Anywho, exciting stuff.

Rumoured Run Sheet for Royal Rumble

This sheet doesn’t spoil any outcomes, but according to via the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, this is how the Royal Rumble PPV will go.

  • Kaitlyn defends the Diva’s Championship against an opponent yet to be determined - 10 Minutes
  • Team Hell No vs Team Rhodes Scholars (presumably for the Tag Titles) - 10 Minutes
  • Alberto Del Rio vs Big Show for the World Heavyweight Championship - 20 Minutes
  • CM Punk vs The Rock for the WWE Championship - 30 Minutes
  • Royal Rumble Match - 1 Hour & 10 Minutes


Women on Wednesday: Victoria defeats Torrie Wilson in a short but sweet match on Smackdown (with an appearance from Michelle McCool) (x) (requested by lotusbeauty22)

Better days for women in the WWE.

Because I could do with a few more pictures on this tumblr.

(Source: pg-attitude)

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